The Wonder Women of Gaming: Celebrating the MoGi Group Team

With International Women’s Day (March 8th) just behind us, we are reminded of the incredible pool of talent within the walls and halls of the international MoGi Group offices.

We are lucky to boast some of the top talent in the industry and are proud to celebrate them every day, but with the week that’s in it, we wanted to bring some extra special attention to some of the real shining stars on the team.

Zoi Vitsentzou, Head of Global Operations

Zoi has risen through the MoGi Group ranks at lightning pace, growing from localization project manager to head of the localization department and finally to her current position as head of global operations in only a few years – as well as being named junior partner in the company in 2017 and becoming a shareholder. As the second highest ranking executive at MoGi Group (outside of the company’s founder and president), Zoi’s leadership has had a profound influence on the company’s success and upward trajectory. Having earned her stripes in various international translation agencies, as well as spending a number of years educating in the business sector on CAT tools and translation for corporate strategy, Zoi has established herself as a considerable force with a clear vision for how quality services are shaped and implemented.

Praise for Zoi:

Ever since I have started working under Zoi’s leadership, I have learned a lot. Her enduring support and dedication have earned the respect and admiration of everyone she meets. Lucky to be a member of your team, Zoi. Thanks for your support every step of the way!” – Afroditi Argyraki, Human Resources & Vendor Officer.

With Zoi, the sky is the limit. She is never afraid to take on new challenges and work hard in order to get the best results for clients and for MoGi. Her massive professional progress in such a short time is a true inspiration to all women in business.” – Victoria Tsironi, Localization Project Manager.

Elina Gkoutzela, Senior Localization Project Manager / Project Management Team Leader

Elina had already established herself as a competent, innovative project manager when she joined MoGi Group in February 2014. A true team player, she lists having had the opportunity to train and guide fledgling translation and project management professionals among her proudest career accomplishments. Elina is known by the team to thrive in high-pressure situations, keeping a level head and putting the client’s vision and needs first, always.

Praise for Elina:

Elina is the kindest, most hard-working person I know. She is fair and always does everything in her power to help her team. Her dedication, loyalty and work ethic have set an example for everyone at MoGi.” – Ioanna Zikakou, Junior Localization Project Manager.

She always finds a way to get things done, speaks up for everyone in the team and supports each of us in difficult and stressful periods (both in work and in our personal lives). I really admire her work ethic and her team spirit. She is an invaluable member of the team.” – Joanne Liarokapi, Localization Project Manager.

Nereida Jaén Bengoechea, Senior Localization Project Manager

Nereida started her MoGi Group career in the summer of 2013, joining the team as an intern. In the seven years since, rising quickly through the ranks from junior to senior project manager, she has proven her invaluable talents time and time again as a key technical and IT force within the localization department. In her dedication to true linguistic quality and technical reliability in servicing clients, Nereida has always gone above and beyond to learn and grow in her position, upskilling herself and the team members around her.

Praise for Nereida:

Nereida is an expert in finding solutions to technical issues. She doesn’t hesitate to spend time finding a tip or trick to make our lives easier. Her keen eye for detail and interest in learning new methods and tools have been a massive asset to the localization department as a whole.” – Victoria Tsironi, Localization Project Manager.

Nereida is always willing to lend a hand when an issue occurs. She is a technical knowledge powerhouse.” – Panos Choubavlis, Junior Localization Project Manager.

We are always proud to celebrate the diversity of talent at MoGi Group. From our primarily female-led localization project management department to the immense feminine presence across our player support, community management, game testing, creative, cybersecurity, development, and consultancy teams. We are what we are today in part thanks to your incredible hard work and dedication. Happy International Women’s Day to you and to all the talented women in the global games industry!
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