The Women Behind the Games: Zoi Vitsentzou, Head of Global Operations at MoGi Group

One of the things we often take for granted at MoGi Group is the diverse, international atmosphere that permeates the halls of each of our European offices.

Today, being International Women’s Day, we thought it was important to take time to reflect on and celebrate the diverse array of talent that has helped MoGi Group achieve the success that it has so far. When it comes to highlighting the brightest shining lights that contribute to MoGi Group’s endeavours, there’s no better place to start than with our Head of Global Operations, Zoi Vitsentzou – the highest-ranking executive in all of MoGi Group outside of our CEO, Orad Elkayam.

In her career so far, Zoi has been a symbol of the success that MoGi Group prides itself on achieving. Born in Athens, Greece, Zoi received her education in the Lycée Franco-Hellénique where she obtained her qualification in French and English language teaching, before her passion for language and translation brought her to the University of Greece where she would graduate in Translation and Interpretation. A pattern formed in the years following her graduation which would consist of Zoi rising very quickly through the ranks of a series of well-respected translation agencies in Athens before moving on to put her education skills to use in teaching CAT tools and translation solutions for business and corporate strategies.

After a number of years in Greece, Zoi took a step out of her comfort zone to join MoGi Group in our Brussels office heading up a team as a senior project manager, a move she says made her feel “right at home – no matter where that home was, as long as it was at MoGi – and never look back.” In her time there, Zoi went from strength to strength, using her considerable talent she soon rose to the position of Head of Localization before being appointed Head of Global Operations soon after – the position she now holds. A considerable amount of MoGi Group’s accomplishments to this day have stemmed from the work and passion Zoi has poured into all aspects of her multifaceted career. Her constant long hours and enduring dedication has helped MoGi Group achieve new levels of success in meeting the tightest deadlines with ease and redefining what an outstanding localization, player support, community management, testing, or voice-over recording package can be. While she admits that her position as Head of Global Operations can, at times, be demanding, she remains consistent in stating that she has “never looked back, even on my darkest days!” Reflecting on her time with MoGi Group so far, she also notes fondly how her career has led her along a path of “challenges I would have never thought of, but also to working with clients and projects I would have never dreamed of.

Zoi’s strong leadership has also had a powerful influence on MoGi Group. Her innate ability to recognise talent and potential in others – as well as bring it out in them – played a huge role in establishing a firm foundation for the predominantly female-led project management team at MoGi Group. Commenting on their virtues, she notes that they constantly prove themselves to be a “team that never lets us down. These women (and men!) show their versatility and talent on a daily basis, adapting to new roles and responsibilities all the time and performing them all so well.

At the top of her list of inspirations and pillars of aspiration Zoi lists her mother (a prominent management figure at one of Greece’s largest banks), explaining how growing up with such a strong female presence helped her realise her own ambitions, goals and work ethic, as well appreciate the value and reward of hard work. She also attributes much of her success and passion to MoGi Group’s own CEO and founder, Orad Elkayam. “Orad has been a valuable mentor to me from day one,” she says. “Working alongside him – with his experience and energy and vision – has helped me learn and grow an incredible amount in a very short time. Honestly, working so closely with a passionate professional in that way is almost like getting your own personal PhD.” She is never shy about sharing and attributing her own personal success with others and in explaining how a mixture of developmental guidance and room to grow and learn independently has afforded her the confidence and depth of knowledge to help build the diverse departments she oversees today.

At MoGi Group we’re proud to celebrate all the influential, outstanding women across our various teams and reflect on the impact they have on our ongoing growth and development (including our recently announced Berlin office!). Happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing females out there, as well as in our own offices, who help inspire and shape this industry and the world for the better!
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