The Owiwi Project: Gain employees through games

Nothing gets the MoGi localization juices flowing like new, exciting and innovative projects. We love localizing video games, and we really love localizing video games with a twist. The opportunity to translate the work of Owiwi into Spanish was one we met with considerable excitement and anticipation. You see, this is more than just a video game, it’s an ingenious recruitment tool that reveals more about candidates than 1000 ‘Tell us about a time you…’ interview questions ever could.

Owiwi’s creation is designed to test soft skills and decision-making prowess, leaving employers with a full picture of candidates’ aptitudes and suitability for a specific role. Over to our team of Spanish translators – who worked on the project – for more info:

“You are part of a story and, at certain points, options are presented to you. You have to choose what you want to do. You get different points according to the decision you made. The story is about an exploratory ship that goes on an adventure to some islands, but the expedition chief goes M.I.A during a super-strong storm and you become one of the people in charge of the ship.”

From there, the player encounters various problems and situations where they have to make a choice from four possible options. Whatever they decide will impact the next stage of the story, as well as indicate their soft skills and personality traits. Inevitably, narrative-driven games like this require significant localization – something our teams were only too happy to provide:

“Literary games are great to translate because you have the freedom and ability to be really creative and expressive with the language.”

So, it was fun to work on, but was it noticeably different to the many other narrative-based games we’ve done? After all, whether it’s for professional or personal use, a game is still a game. It’s still about progressing through the levels, defeating challenges, etc.. However, the nature of the Owiwi project presented a unique challenge to our Spanish localization team, as they explain:

“As this game is to test soft skills and decision making, we had to be very careful with the words we used to make sure that we didn’t lead the player to a particular answer or option. This was especially important as the whole point of the game is to establish a candidate’s suitability for a certain job through the decisions they made.”

So, whilst some of the localization process presented challenges that required careful consideration, getting involved in projects like this will always be an easy ‘yes’ decision for MoGi!

For more information about Owiwi, visit their website. For more information about our video game localization services, explore out website.
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