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Say hello to our amazing team dedicated to helping bring your games to the world. With over five decades of combined experience, our department heads are constantly innovating and finding new ways to hone their craft and know just how to create the perfect service package to fit your game’s needs.

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Orad Elkayam
CEO & Founder
Orad has been the driving creative force behind MoGi Group’s success and expansion since he first founded it in 2007. He has worked hard to establish MoGi Group as the world’s leading gaming services provider. His passion for games and creative gaming services have steered MoGi Group from day one!
Zoi Vitsentzou
Head of Global Operations
As our second-highest ranking member, Zoi has been key in guiding MoGi Group to where it is today. Quickly growing through the ranks to become Head of Global Operations, her unerring dedication and boundless expertise shaped our localization department into a clear leading light in the global gaming services industry.
Valentin Covilar
Head of Player Support
Having started his career at MoGi Group as a player support team member, Valentin quickly earned his place at the head of the department. His clear industry expertise and strong partner liaison skills have spurred wide-scale growth and diversification within MoGi Group’s player support department.
Mathieu Huysman
Head of Business Operations
Mathieu is a formidable presence in the game hacking and cybersecurity world. He has worked on bug bounty hunting projects with the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn and has also been inducted into Google’s Hall of Fame. When it comes to cybersecurity and tool development, Mathieu is a leading expert!
Tim De Wachter
Head of Technical Operations
Tim has played a pivotal role in developing our cybersecurity and tool development departments. As a security native, he specializes in cybersecurity for games and classic applications of all platforms. He has worked with a range of established industry names including Gameforge.
Adam Leahy
Senior Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Since joining the MoGi team in early 2017, Adam has worked closely with each of our integrated service and management departments to help drive MoGi Group forward in creative new directions both internally and externally.

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