Olivier Cabart joins MoGi Group’s Business Development team

Global video games service provider MoGi Group announces Olivier Cabart as the newest member of its global business development team.


Award-winning video game services specialist MoGi Group announced the newest member of its global business development team this week. For over a decade, MoGi Group’s business development team has been successfully making the service provider one of the most recognizable names in the industry for its reliable, thorough, and comprehensive video game services that touch on every cornerstone of the games development process. As the team’s newest member, Olivier Cabart is set to play a huge role in the further expansion of MoGi Group as the industry’s top gaming services provider, assisting developers and publishers by sculpting perfectly tailored-to-fit service packages to fit their needs and requirements.

Olivier will be bringing to MoGi Group a deep understanding of not only the games industry but the games development process – a trait that will be integral in understanding the needs of games developers and publishers and how MoGi Group’s customizable gaming services can help revolutionize their processes and help their games reach wider and more diverse audiences worldwide. His vision is to build on MoGi Group’s already impressive list of over 650 gaming industry partners (including household names like Epic Games, NCSoft, Gumi Europe, Bandai Namco, Webzen, Fatshark Games, and many, many more).

Having worked in the gaming industry for almost eighteen years, Olivier will also be bringing a wealth of experience to MoGi Group. He gained invaluable insight into the industry when he first started his career as a localization producer at Vivendi Group (Ireland), working on some exciting gaming projects including one of the first ever MMO games, Arcanum by Steamworks and Magick Obscura. From there his career flourished, going on to set up a successful games division (with a focus on cultural adaptation) and using his project and vendor management skills to source and form teams of some of the foremost games experts from around the world and working on some of the industry’s most noted IPs including Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, Magic the Gathering, and more.

“I’m delighted to be coming to work with the amazing MoGi Group team,” says Olivier, MoGi Group’s newest Business Development Executive. “My entire career I’ve focused on spending time with my clients and partners, getting to know their processes and so being able to make a huge difference in their world. My passion is being able to create efficient and reliable solutions to make their lives (and jobs!) easier. With MoGi Group, especially considering its incredible organic growth, vision, and reputation for innovation, I know I’m in the perfect position to do just that.”

“It feels like we’ve added something very special to our business development team with Olivier,” Orad Elkayam, CEO of MoGi Group, said of the recent recruitment. “Our teams have always stood out for their dedication to excellence when it comes to creative solutions for our gaming partners, already with Olivier on board I can see that what he is bringing to the table is no different. I’m expecting to see some outstanding things!”


Contact our business development team today for more information on how our full service suite can help take the stress out of your game development process. Our diverse service list includes: localization, player support, community management, localization testing, penetration testing, focus testing, custom tool development, game art design, and voice-over recording. Already a partner? Talk to your sales representative or project manager at MoGi Group to discuss leveling up your current service package!

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