MoGi’s gamescom 2017 Highlights

Now that we’ve recovered and picked our collective jaws off the floor after all the amazing sights, sounds, and announcements of gamescom 2017, we thought now would be the perfect time to share our own personal highlights from Europe’s largest gaming industry gathering. With a great view from our booth, along with some excited exploration any time we got a chance, we were absolutely bowled over by the size and scope of the biggest gamescom yet.

As the biggest gaming gathering outside of Asia, gamescom has always been the place for gaming news and updates. This year, thankfully, was no different. With more developers and companies on show than ever before – an all-time record for gamescom of 919 companies and developers visiting from over 50 countries worldwide, a figure that has jumped up 5% on last year – lucky visitors of all ages were treated to some amazing announcements over the week-long event. Among our personal favourites were the sneak previews of Star Wars Battlefront II (featuring some mouth-watering space battle footage), new Super Mario Odyssey footage, including a previously unseen game area called ‘Luncheon Kingdom’, and new Swedish IP Biomutant, developed by Experiment 101, a title we couldn’t be more excited about.

Due to the success of this year’s performance, gamescom 2018 has already been scheduled for the same week next week (along with keeping its Tuesday – Saturday format), which will mark the first year since 2015 that the convention hasn’t changed its format significantly in some way.

Gamescom 2017 Highlights – Day 1

Our favourite moments from our first day at #gamescom2017Let us know what yours were in the comments!See you all tomorrow at Hall 2.1, Aisle E No.025

Geplaatst door MoGi Group op Dinsdag 22 augustus 2017

With over 350,000 people on-site visiting from over 106 countries worldwide, one of the biggest stars of the show was the city of Cologne itself. The cosmopolitan German city, hosting over 30,000 trade visitors alone, did much to consolidate its reputation as one of Europe’s premier gaming cities. Testament to this fact, along with Germany’s deep understanding of the importance of the gaming industry and culture, was the appearance of German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the guest of honour at the event’s grand opening ceremony. Countless advertisements and events throughout the city also assured visitors that the celebration of everything gaming spread far outside the walls of the Koelnmesse (the 40-hectare multi-purpose trade fair centre that gamescom calls home).

For us, one of the most important things about returning to gamescom year after year as an exhibitor is catching up with friends, clients, and partners in a casual, fun environment – along with making some new friends and connections along the way. As a service provider, there’s no better way to keep your finger on the pulse of an industry than to immerse yourself in the very beating heart of it. After all, a hectic schedule of meetings throughout such an important even can often lead to countless exciting new opportunities in the near future! Because we’ve revelled in this social aspect of gamescom so much in the past, and thrived so much on the fantastic results the gaming industry behemoth can bring, it felt only natural for us to host a get-together for our partners and friends to catch up and reacquaint, as well as to make more exciting plans for the next year. We have to thank all who dropped by our (beautiful) booth to say hello, it was a real highlight for us!

Gamescom 2017 Highlights – Day 2

Some more great moments from #gamescom2017We never want to leave!Thank you to everyone who came to our get together yesterday evening – it was a great success!

Geplaatst door MoGi Group op Donderdag 24 augustus 2017

Perhaps the most important highlight of all, the thing that keeps people coming back again and again each year, is the sense of community and belonging the event itself generates. After spending only five minutes inside the hallowed halls of the Koelnmesse there can be no doubt at all as to why gamescom has only gotten bigger – this year in particular saw attendance reach a record-breaking 350,000+ over the entire week. The event has become so special because the culture and community surrounding playing and developing games is so special to each person there. It allows players and developers alike from all across the world to come together and share their passion for gaming in a way that so many other industries could only dream of. For developers and companies too, it also allows the unique opportunity to reach their consumers directly, to see how they react to their latest updates and announcements in real time, and helps solidify the bond between creator and audience.

It’s a rare treat to have such a wide spectrum of positive people gathered in one place to celebrate the same thing, and it’s perhaps the main reason why we’re so excited to return to Cologne next year!

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