MoGi Group Welcomes New Head of Technical Operations Tim De Wachter

MoGi Group announces appointment of new Head of Technical Operations, Tim De Wachter, co-founder of Cyrex Security, in connection with new penetration testing and ethical hacking service.

Global video games service provider MoGi Group announced Tim De Wachter as its new Head of Technical Operations. The appointment comes in light of MoGi Group’s recent expansion into the fields of penetration testing and ethical hacking and tool development, two key services Tim is set to play a leading role in over the coming months. Tim’s presence at MoGi Group will not only bring the award-winning service provider another step further along the road towards offering the most diverse service package in the gaming industry, but closer to Tim and MoGi Group’s mutual goal of creating a safer digital environment for developers and publishers and a safe haven for players away from in-game cheating, cybercrime, and scammers.

Tim was hand-picked by MoGi Group for his excellence in white hat hacking and cybersecurity. As a cybersecurity native, Tim studied computer and cybercrime gaining a vast and varied wealth of experience in penetration testing for gaming and learning to approach the process as both a gamer and a coder. During his studies, Tim co-founded Belgian cybersecurity firm Cyrex with Mathieu Huysman (Head of Business Operations at MoGi Group), specializing in cybersecurity for games and classic applications of all platforms, going on to work with big industry names like Germany’s Gameforge.

I’m really looking forward to integrating our security services with MoGi Group’s other quality services and helping guide games developers and publishers in the process,” says Tim of his recent onboarding at MoGi Group. “By joining MoGi Group, we’re together able to provide top quality security services to some amazing companies and games creators. Our goal really is to help relieve their security worries so they can keep doing what they do best – creating games!


Everyone at MoGi Group is extremely excited to see Tim come on board with us as Head of Technical Operations,” says MoGi Group CEO and founder Orad Elkayam. “We were extremely thorough in our search to find outstanding cybersecurity and penetration testing experts to help lead MoGi Group into an exciting new direction, with Tim I’m very confident we’ve found that and much more.

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