MoGi Group to Support Victims of Greek Wildfires

MoGi Group pledges aid and support to victims of the series of tragic wildfires in the Greek capital.

News came from MoGi Group this morning of the global video games service providers’ pledge to offer aid and support to the victims of the series of damaging wildfires to strike the Greek capital of Athens over the last number of days. With its established offices in the center of Athens, MoGi Group has long been deeply rooted in the Athenian community and has been making efforts to reach out to local bodies providing aid and care to those affected by the tragic natural disaster.

As of yesterday (Tuesday, July 24th), the Greek government have declared a national state of emergency following a spate of catastrophic fires on multiple fronts all across Athens with regions like Attica, Mati, Rafina, Pikermi, and Kineta being among those most badly affected. Reports have determined the wildfires to be the most destructive to hit the Greek nation since those occurring on the Peloponnese peninsula in 2007. So far, there have been a staggering number of reported casualties, along with widespread reports of missing and injured persons with over 1,000 buildings and homes in affected areas having been destroyed or damaged. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has officially declared a nationwide three-day mourning period for those killed. Financial aid and support has been emerging from many countries throughout Europe and beyond including Spain, Croatia, Germany, France, and Israel.

Along with providing financial aid to local authorities and response groups, several members of MoGi Group’s Greek team have been on-site providing support to those in the worst affected areas. The global video games service provider has also been cooperating with a number of its Grecian gaming partners to offer aid and assistance in any way possible.

“Everyone at MoGi Group is truly mourning the awful events of the past few days in Greece,” says MoGi Group CEO and founder, Orad Elkayam. “Athens has always been a true home for us, a city incredibly close to our hearts. The reports and images emerging have been nothing short of horrific. We are happy to offer our full support in the recovery efforts and send our thoughts to those affected. We’re also hugely grateful to and extremely proud of those members of the MoGi team on the ground in Athens helping out, donating blood, and providing care in every manner they can.”

Local authorities and response groups have set up a number of support systems for those wishing to aid in the recovery efforts. The Municipality of Rafina, in association with Piraeus Bank, also issued a special account number for direct contributions:

ΙΒΑΝ: GR20 0172 1860 0051 8609 2291 418

All donations will go directly towards aid and recovery in the affected areas.


Athens-based HR gaming development company, and partner of MoGi Group, have also set up a grassroots support system, initiating a first response center to provide food, water, and first aid to those affected by the wildfires. They will be receiving donations throughout the recovery period to distribute to local Athenian communities. More information can be found, along with details on how to donate, on Owiwi’s Facebook page.

MoGi Group wishes to express its condolences to those affected by the devastating wildfires in Athens and pledges its ongoing support in the recovery. Those wishing to aid in the effort can contact MoGi Group on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn for more information or donate to the Municipality of Rafina’s account directly.
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