MoGi Group to Level Up with TransPerfect Merger

Leading video games industry service solutions provider MoGi Group today announced its merger with TransPerfect, the world’s largest provider of language and technology solutions for global business.

Since its foundations in 2007, MoGi Group has forged its reputation as one of the gaming industry’s leading innovators in customizable, smart service solutions. Growing from humble beginnings as a translation agency for up-and-coming indie games, MoGi Group has grown exponentially year on year into one of the industry’s most recognisable and reliable names, constantly expanding with new global locations and further extending its service roster into a full-scale, holistic solutions suite to aid in the games development process from inception to completion and long after. Its passion has been led, first and foremost, by a dedication to delivering top-level gaming experiences to audiences and players around the world.

The merger, part of an enhanced focus by TransPerfect on the growing global games industry, will see MoGi Group take its operational capacity to a whole new level. With the support of TransPerfect’s global translation and tech solutions network, MoGi Group’s unique service selection (including localization, player support, community management, cybersecurity and penetration testing, LQA and compliance testing, focus testing, voice-over recording, game art design, custom tool development, age rating, and GDPR consultancy) will see a significant boost to its scale and focus, allowing for far greater project turnover and coverage worldwide.

One other immediate efficiency that this merger creates is a direct path for MoGi Group to reach the APAC and Latin America regions, expanding the company’s strong existing North American presence, given TransPerfect’s existing presence in focus markets like Japan, Korea, and Brazil. It will also see MoGi Group taking up operations facilities in Argentina, France, and Spain, as well as additional new spaces in Berlin, Germany, and Austin, Texas.

Zoi Vitsentzou, TransPerfect Gaming Division (MoGi Group) Head of Global Operations; Orad Elkayam, President of TransPerfect Gaming Division (MoGi Group); Michael Sank, TransPerfect Vice President of Corporate Development

MoGi Group is led by CEO and Founder Orad Elkayam as well as Head of Global Operations Zoi Vitsentzou. Both Elkayam and Vitsentzou will continue to lead MoGi Group’s day-to-day operations and will additionally join TransPerfect’s senior management team to help direct overall company strategy for gaming. Elkayam commented:

This is a monumental day, not just for MoGi but for me personally as well. For over a decade, we’ve lived and breathed gaming, not just because we serve the community, but because we are ourselves gamers at heart. It’s clear to me that TransPerfect shares our commitment to gaming. I was happy to see a common belief in the future of the industry though their vision for investing in technology and improvements that benefit clients. Our specialization, our dedication to gaming, and our commitment to quality and creativity will still be a part of us, only now we have many more resources at our disposal.

Anyone who knows Zoi and me will know that we have a strong spirit of independence and we would not make a decision like this without full confidence in what’s to come. I have spent considerable time with the TransPerfect team and am certain that TransPerfect is the perfect home for the MoGi family, both now and long into the future.

TransPerfect President and CEO Phil Shawe remarked:

It’s a true privilege to bring a company like MoGi into the TransPerfect family. They are undisputed experts in the gaming space, and their success and sterling reputation among their clients is a testament to their hard work and vast knowledge. We look forward to helping to accelerate their growth and reaching new customers together.

Barnaby Wass, TransPerfect Senior Vice President; Elisa Yoshihara, TransPerfect Vice President of Human Resources; Helen Morgan, TransPerfect HR Generalist; Zoi Vitsentzou, TransPerfect Gaming Division (MoGi Group) Head of Global Operations; Orad Elkayam, President of TransPerfect Gaming Division (MoGi Group)
About TransPerfect

TransPerfect is the world’s largest provider of language and technology solutions for global business. From offices in over 90 cities on six continents, TransPerfect offers a full range of services in 170+ languages to clients worldwide. More than 5,000 global organizations employ TransPerfect’s GlobalLink® Product Suite to simplify management of multilingual content. With an unparalleled commitment to quality and client service, TransPerfect is fully ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified. TransPerfect has global headquarters in New York, with regional headquarters in London and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit our website at

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