MoGi Group to Launch First MoGi TV Cup Hearthstone Tournament in Singapore

The MoGi TV Cup will take place over the 10th and 11th of August, featuring South East Asia’s premiere Hearthstone talent, and will be streamed on MoGi Group’s dedicated gaming YouTube channel, MoGi TV. 

MoGi Group made the recent announcement that it will be hosting the MoGi TV Cup, an exciting new esports tournament with the aim of bringing together some of South East Asia’s premiere Hearthstone talent for a weekend of fast-paced, strategic esports action. The tournament, to run across the 10th and 11th of August, will bstreamed live on MoGi TV, the award-winning video game service provider’s dedicated YouTube channel for top quality game content. This is MoGi Group’s second time partnering up with, promoters of an outstanding circuit of Asian esports events, to deliver an action-packed esports card to the global gaming community. 

MoGi TV has been active since 2017 as a platform for MoGi Group to showcase some of the chart-busting titles it has worked on alongside its array of global partners, as well some firm player and industry favourites that deserve recognition. Over the years it’s been active it has streamed such genre-defining titles as ParagonFortnite, Call of Duty Black OpsMiddle Earth: Shadow of WarStar Wars Battlefront II, and much more.  

In April this year, MoGi TV expanded its ever-growing repertoire of quality gaming content by live-streaming the Just ML League, the second biggest tournament for Mobile Legends in the Philippines, promoted by its partner on August’s MoGi TV Cup, Now it looks to repeat the success of that event with the MoGi TV Cup, taking one step further into the burgeoning esports world.  

The early rounds of the tournament will play out in a Swiss-round format, after which the first day’s winners will advance into the second day’s head-to-head playoff brackets and ensuing grand final. Matches will be played to a best of three. The MoGi TV Cup coincides with the release of the Saviors of Uldum card deck, Hearthstone’s twelfth expansion, following on from the Rise of Shadows event in April of this year. Saviours of Uldum, like Rise of Shadows before it, will also introduce new cards and characters with an Ancient Egyptian motif, as well as a continuation of the meta storyline that began in Rise of Shadows. 

MoGi Group’s founder and CEO, Orad Elkayam, was eager to express what sponsoring the MoGi TV Cup means for MoGi Group and its excited game-mad teams: 

This is exactly what defineus and sets us apart as company with firm, established roots in the gaming communityTo our core, we are all passion gamers, and that passion runs through every single thing that we do and every single service we offer. With the MoGi TV Cup, we’re excited not just for what this tournament represents in terms of MoGi Group’s growing involvement in almost every single facet of our industry, but in how well it fits with our vision for the industry, and as an opportunity to give back and see the world of esports grow and evolve and reach ever-more stratospheric heights.” 

He also touted MoGi TV and the place it occupies in the MoGi Group cultural ethos. 

MoGi TV is one of our fondest outlets, something that speaks to who we are not just as a company but as gamers. Ultimately, we have all come to this industry guided by our love for video games, and MoGi TV is the most visible manifestation of that passion we all share. With this, we’re able to expand what MoGi TV does and usher in a really exciting new era, where it exists not just for our own brand but as a host for all sorts of esports competitions into the future. 

The MoGi TV Cup will play out across Saturday August 10th and Sunday August 11th, with Saturday hosting a Swiss-round style tournament to select the players to advance into Sunday’s playoff bracket. MoGi TV will be streaming the event live as well as providing stream highlights at the end of each day. Full updates and highlights will also be available across MoGi Group’s social media channels on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. 

Registration for the MoGi TV Cup is currently open ahead of the tournament kicking off on Saturday, August 10th! Swing by’ website to register now or for more information! The event will be streamed live on MoGi TV, with highlights to be shown over the course of the day. You can also follow MoGi Group’s FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for live look-ins at the event as it happens as well as subscribing to MoGi TV to make sure you’re not missing out on any pulse-pounding esports action.
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