MoGi Group to Attend Game Quality Forum North America 2018

Global games services provider MoGi Group announces its attendance and special event partnership at Game Quality Forum North America in Los Angeles in early December.

Award-winning video games service provider MoGi Group has announced its plans to attend the Game Quality Forum in Los Angeles this year. The Game Quality Forum is the only conference of its kind focused specifically on quality assurance and player support services in the video games industry. It provides a professional platform for industry leaders to come together to network, publicize their achievements, and share industry best-practice with other brands and companies dedicated to providing outstanding services to games developers in an increasingly quality-focused market.

While other conferences focus on games as products themselves, along with the accompanying media buzz surrounding the latest releases and technological innovations in world’s largest entertainment industry, the focus on games quality control and player support is unique to the Game Quality Forum. The conference, of which MoGi Group is a proud special exhibition partner, will run on December 4th and 5th, hosted at the Crowne Plaza Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, California.

Quality assurance services are a facet of video game development often overlooked in the industry, a fact the Game Quality Forum strives to rectify. Similarly, MoGi Group has been an industry leader in games quality assurance for over a decade, specialising in offering services tailored to match the unique needs of each of its 650 gaming industry partners.

MoGi Group offers its suite of bespoke services in over 44 languages and has offices located across the world. Its international team of driven QA professionals offer top quality translations and localization testing for everything from indie games to AAA blockbusters. It offers cutting-edge penetration testing and cybersecurity services to ensure that developers’ IP, and the players who enjoy it, can be protected in the digital field. MoGi Group’s dedicated player support team also deliver highly engaging support services across all platforms, a key QA element being represented at this year’s Game Quality Forum.

Orad Elkayam, MoGi Group founder and CEO, was eager to stress what an event like the Game Quality Forum means not just for the industry, but for MoGi Group as well:

It is always very exciting to have the opportunity to bring attention to these vital services that underpin the industry. We relish the opportunity not only, of course, as a way to sit down and meet with prospective partners but also to have the chance to show our best side to the industry. We have a chance to show off not just what we have achieved so far as a company, but what we are able to bring to the table and what we have done to earn the reputation we have today.

Be sure to reach out now to book your chance to sit down with our QA team and find out just what our tailored quality assurance services can offer your project! Friends and partners of MoGi Group can also avail of a 20% discount when they register for the Game Quality Forum North America using the discount code GQF20. Contact the MoGi Group team today to book your one-on-one sit-down at the Crowne Plaza Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA on December 4th and 5th

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