MoGi Group Officially Launches New Penetration Testing Service

MoGi Group announces new ethical hacking and penetration testing service to constantly expanding list of video games services.

Video game service specialist MoGi Group recently announced penetration testing as the newest addition to its comprehensive list of strategic gaming services. Consolidating its status as one of the most flexible and diverse service providers in the industry, MoGi Group’s new ethical hacking and penetration testing service is aimed at creating a safer and more secure online environment for both developers/publishers and gamers alike. With cybercrime and hacking seeing such a rise in recent years, this new move should serve as a reassuring sign for anyone interested in creating a fairer gaming environment for all.

MoGi Group’s efforts in the field of cybersecurity are grounded in establishing a series of checks and balances that help protect not only the player (from cheaters and scammers) but protect developers and publishers from the less publicized effects of malicious hacking like profit or player loss and the exorbitant fines and penalties associated with player data mining and leaking. The service also helps alleviate the pressure on developers of being legally compliant with strict data protection regulations, leaving them to concentrate on the game development process with the assurance of an experienced cybersecurity partner working in their best interest.


The new ethical hacking and penetration testing service offered by MoGi is available in three forms, each tailored to challenge different levels of a game’s security standards. These forms include: black box testing, a module in which the testers are provided with no source code or information and approach the test as a real-world hacker; grey box testing, involving only partial code or data being divulged to the tester; and white box testing (MoGi Group’s most recommended module) in which testers are provided with full access to all source code and relevant documentation so as to perform a comprehensive search for all possible vulnerabilities and areas of possible security breach.

The addition of our penetration testing service is another huge step forward for MoGi Group,” said Orad Elkayam, CEO and founder of MoGi Group. “2018 has already been a landmark year for us with a number of new offices opening and the launching of a lot of new services. It’s all in the name of living our passion, seeing great games brought into the world, and offering the widest scope of services possible to each and every one of our valued partners.

The service is a diverse new addition to MoGi Group’s already bulging roster of services, including: localization, player support, community management, localization testing, tool development, and voice-over recording. MoGi Group has worked in partnership with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry (Fatshark, Gumi, Telltale Games, Team17, Webzen, Epic Games, Kakao Games, Tripwire Interactive, and NCSoft, to name just a few) on a wide variety of gaming projects across all platforms and genres.

Contact MoGi Group’s penetration testing teams today for a free consultation or to find out more about how the right security measures could save you a world of trouble in the long term. Already a partner? You can also find out more about upgrading your current service package!

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