MoGi Group Lauded for Flexible and Extensive Service Offering

After a series of far-reaching expansions and ventures into new waters in 2018, MoGi Group is celebrating the start of what promises to be a productive and pioneering 2019 with all-time high partner approval ratings and a wider service offering than ever.

Leading global gaming services expert MoGi Group saw itself take even larger strides into the worldwide pantheon of top service solutions providers over the last twelve months. After the addition of three new international operation centers (in Berlin, North Carolina, and Bruges) and an impressive list of crucial new gaming services – including cybersecurity and penetration testing, focus testing, game art design, tool development, and GDPR consultancy to name a few – there is little wonder why its extensive list of over 650 gaming industry partners are reporting themselves to be happier than ever with the MoGi Group experience.

One area in which the award-winning service solutions expert has particularly excelled is in the increasingly in-demand game art design field. Having taken its initial steps into the art design world in mid-2018, it hasn’t taken long for MoGi Group to establish itself as a strong and capable force with the know-how to cater to all game styles, genres, and tones. Among the earliest to take on the MoGi Group art and design treatment was long-time partner zinWorks Studios with their popular mobile game ZombiED – 3d Defense. When speaking about working with MoGi Group’s art and design teams, zinWorks Studios Principal Solution Architect and Senior Developer Chris Martin had this to say:

“I want to take a moment to tell other game studios all about my ‘on-growing’ relationship with MoGi. MoGi Group has taken care of all our localization needs at zinWorks (13 languages in total) since nearly the beginning of the launch of our game ZombiED – 3D Defense in May 2018. When looking, I honestly looked right past MoGi thinking that it was ‘too big’ of a company to work with our little shop. After reading that it does a lot of work with indie teams, I reached out. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. What I didn’t know in the beginning is that it would be doing more than translations.

“I have always been pleased with my graphics vendor, as well with my 3D modeler’s work, but we rushed through the app icon design to get it out for our release. Our app icon was desperately in need of a makeover. We use only custom art, sound, and models in our games. My graphics person was indisposed when we revisited the idea of making over the app icon. I, as always, went looking for an individual (hey we must support the little guys too!) and came up short. Then I remembered visiting MoGi’s website and seeing it offers art services. Its portfolio of work is impressive to say the least.

“After discussing price and timeline, the MoGi team began the process of creating our new icon. Right from the start with our first rough drafts we could see it was going to be an awesome outcome. We had MoGi’s design teams concept the icon with two of our zombies – the Bully and the Geek. They did such a good job on what we were looking for that we couldn’t decide which concept we wanted to move forward with. We were still well within our budget, so we decided to go with both. Now we have the option to run A/B tests with our icon if we like. I wish we would have utilized MoGi’s art services sooner. The difference is night and day.

“Here is what I love about working with MoGi Group. Its teams are very professional but very personable, and they are very quick in responding to emails and completing work. It is great that they treat our little studio with the same respect as the big ones! MoGi Group’s work speaks for itself. It has such talented people working in all areas.

“Affordable translation and art services for studios of all sizes! We look forward to working with MoGi Group while we continue to grow. Folks, MoGi is not just translating anymore, it is transcending in all areas. MoGi, thanks for always being there for us!”

All the recent expansions, improvements, and steps into new gaming service areas are part of MoGi Group’s ongoing and endless dedication to providing the best, most flexible and customizable services to its network of over 650 gaming industry partners. Its goal is to not only ride the wave of current industry trends and technology to provide the best services but to help predict and react to developer and publisher needs and requirements even before they arise. In 2018, MoGi Group’s dynamic and skilled service teams were a beacon for progress with its dedicated in-house player support teams solving more than 7 million tickets for its gaming partners, while its localization and QA experts translated over 69 million words of gaming content – a new record for the ever-expanding gaming services provider.

To find out how your next big gaming project can benefit from the MoGi Group treatment, contact our service solutions experts today for your free quote. Service packages are designed to meet individual project requirements and can be scaled up or down at a moment’s notice to fit your game’s growth.
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