MoGi Group Issues an Open Call to Indie Developers to Feature on MoGi TV

MoGi Group issues an open call to indie games developers to have their games featured on gaming entertainment platform MoGi TV with channel host WashYourBody.

This week global video games service provider MoGi Group put out an open call to up and coming indie games developers and publishers worldwide on behalf of MoGi TV, a gaming content creation platform run by professional gamers inside MoGi Group. The open call will give aspiring games creators on the rise a chance to have their games featured extensively on the MoGi TV stage in front of a passionate core of gamers.

Launched in 2017, the MoGi TV project is a platform for MoGi Group to highlight and showcase a wide range of fun and creative games. Many of the games featured on the platform are drawn from MoGi Group’s list of over 600 gaming partners, while others are simply firm favourites of the MoGi TV team. Regardless of what game is being featured, MoGi TV, according to MoGi Group, is about fostering gaming culture in a fun and positive way and sharing the company’s love of gaming with the world. It has also proved to be an open and creative avenue for games developers and publishers to get the word out about exciting new releases or updates, exposing their games to MoGi TV’s committed following in an arena that puts a firm focus on fun and positivity within gaming. In the past, the MoGi TV channel has featured a wide range of games from all genres, including Guild of Heroes, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Star Wars Battlefront II, Robo Recall, Paragon, Master X Master, Overwatch, and more.


The call is open to indie gaming developers taking their first steps in the industry looking to show off their newest creations to a base of positive, knowledgeable gamers in a fun and safe environment. MoGi Group has established itself as an expert in helping games expand and develop their audiences through key services like player support, localization, and community management. As a result of that, it seems a fitting step for MoGi TV to reflect that ethos by assisting indie games in boosting their presence and fanbase online through engaging, shareable content designed to showcase their strongest features and most memorable moments.

Games are featured on the channel in a number of different ways, all of which are open for consultation with MoGi TV’s development team who can advise on the style of content most suited to a game’s genre or style. The team has a wealth of experience in live streaming, pre-recorded gameplay walkthroughs, brief update bulletins and exclusive announcements, and personal showcase interviews with development teams talking through behind the scenes stories and fun facts from the game’s development process.

There’s a lot of really exciting things going on over on MoGi TV that I’m very proud of,” MoGi Group’s founder and CEO Orad Elkayam said of the channel. “When this project started it was all about showing the world how passionate we are at MoGi Group about gaming and gaming culture as well as creating a safe environment for gaming fans to get together and discuss their favourite games. I’m really looking forward to watching the project flourish under the team’s careful eye and seeing some great up-and-coming indie developers get the due credit they deserve.

A range of exclusive videos are already available on the MoGi TV channel, including a series of first-look previews of important in-game updates and announcements from BIT.Games’ classic mobile RPG Guild of Heroes and a walkthrough of Soedesco’s Real Farm featuring Soedesco’s own Marten Buijsse taking the team through the simulator’s fun features.

Contact MoGi Group’s MoGi TV development team today to find out how to introduce your games to MoGi TV’s audience of engaged gamers. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to keep up to date with all the latest walkthroughs and exclusive content. Fans of the channel can also catch up with the MoGi TV team on Discord.
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