MoGi Group Expands Global Footprint With New Office Locations Worldwide

Good news for worldwide video games industry players this week as MoGi Group consolidates its global footprint with the announcement of five new office locations worldwide.

MoGi Group has been on a tireless quest for over a decade to provide the best, most diverse, and most holistic video games services in the industry. Those who have watched it grow in that time will be familiar with its trajectory from a fledgling localization vendor to a reliable global partner offering a suite of twelve targeted gaming service solutions to over 650 of the gaming industry’s most notable names. This week, it announced the next step in that constantly evolving journey: five new operations centers spanning three continents.

Building on Firm Foundations

MoGi Group was built on a founding principle that the best gaming services come from the most flexible providers. This means not only offering a wide range of solutions (MoGi Group’s current offering includes localization, player support, community management, localization testing, penetration testing and cybersecurity, voice-over recording, art design, and more) but establishing a wide enough global footprint as to ensure its partners receive timely, reliable deliverables and relevant input from key project stakeholders and coordinators no matter where in the world they are. It’s no trade secret that a key component in offering round-the-clock support is creating an operations environment in which the clock is no obstacle.

New Global Locations

Among the new cities that MoGi Group is set to call home are Austin (Texas, USA), Barcelona (Spain), Tokyo (Japan), and Seoul (South Korea). In addition to this, the innovative global operations teams at MoGi Group are also poised to open a new video game art design studio in Sofia (Bulgaria) later in the last quarter of 2019.

Local Knowledge. Global Presence.

As a provider of multilingual services, MoGi Group has earned a reputation for working with native speakers only across each of its linguistic solutions offerings. It’s been proven time and time again that native experts provide the highest quality content with the most cultural and colloquial resonance. MoGi Group uses that same philosophy in its approach to global positioning. By establishing a firm and active presence in each new country it operates in, MoGi Group’s teams add real cultural insight into the services they provide, harnessing local knowledge and immersing themselves in local customs. Such an active approach is paramount in developing reflexive content and deliverables that are fully in keeping with contemporary language and culture.

Asia and Beyond

MoGi Group has focused its efforts on greater presence and activity in the APAC market. That’s why Asia is set to see the greatest impact from this latest expansion with new operations centers launching in Tokyo and Seoul and another slated to open in a major Chinese city by the beginning of 2020. This venture is part of MoGi Group’s initiative to create new opportunities for Asian developers and games creators looking to access the support of a world-class service provider as well as bolster on-the-ground infrastructure for its current partners looking to advance further into the lucrative APAC market.

If you’d like to find out more about MoGi Group’s latest global expansion and what opportunities it might create for your next gaming project, contact our team today. Be sure to stay tuned to our careers page also for exciting new opportunities in our new worldwide locations.
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