MoGi Group Expands Cybersecurity Services to Console Games

Pioneering global video games service provider MoGi Group announces new initiative for penetration testing and cybersecurity for console games. 

Since its launch in mid-2018, MoGi Group’s cybersecurity and penetration testing division has been breaking barriers and earning a sterling reputation as one of the most reliable and thorough in the video games industry and beyond. Always seeking to build and grow in an effort to offer its partners the best and most all-encompassing cybersecurity solutions possible, MoGi Cyber is now poised to proliferate its reputation and branch out even further into the field of video games cybersecurity as it announces its fully operational console game penetration testing packages. 

With its crosshairs now focused firmly on Xbox One games, MoGi Cyber has been successfully securing games released on Microsoft’s third generation platform by hacking them! Games developers and publishers can now avail of scalable cybersecurity solutions that are designed to pinpoint key vulnerabilities within console game applications and stamp them out before they can be manipulated by malicious third parties. The native cybersecurity professionals at MoGi Cyber are experts in improving the security maturity of games and gaming applications and providing accessible, valuable risk analysis reports and actionable next steps.  

The core drive behind MoGi Cyber’s ethical hacking passion is twofold. Firstly, it is a firm believer in assuring business continuity by protecting developer/publisher assets and IPs. On the other side of the coin, MoGi Cyber is also deeply passionate about protecting gamers themselves. Whether it’s ensuring player data is safe from undesirable, external access or safeguarding the gaming experience itself from vulnerability exploitation, MoGi Cyber stands for putting players and the gaming experience first and so building on a game’s chance of a long and healthy lifespan. From a data regulatory perspective (GDPR), for those games creators operating inside the European Union, cybersecurity and penetration testing is also a proactive means of assuring detailed measures were taken to protect a game’s end users. 

 “As cybersecurity professionals and hackers, we have always been highly competitive in not only honing our own skills but in creating something that ensures a safer digital space for everyone,” said Mathieu Huysman, Head of Business Operations at MoGi Cyber.


 “We work hard to anticipate our partner’s security needs, develop detailed and creative plans to expand our testing solutions capacity, and cater our systems to each new game we work with. This latest venture with our friends at Microsoft has proven to be crucial to that ongoing growth and expansion we’ve seen in the last year and we’re extremely looking forward to the exciting new opportunities it presents. We’ve got a lot more planned for cybersecurity in 2019 so watch this space!” 

These new advances brought on by MoGi Cyber’s associations with Microsoft have allowed the award-winning service provider to bolster and expand its penetration testing prowess exponentially. With the use of Microsoft’s industry standard Xbox Development Kits (the quantity of which can be scaled to fit any testing project), along with all the exclusive resources therein, the service provider’s testing teams can take full control over a game’s client applications and perform the most extensive and exhaustive tests possible. The coveted kits also allow for greater accuracy and scope in tracking the exact source of vulnerabilities and modify as needed. 

For more information on how MoGi Cyber’s new Xbox One console game cybersecurity and penetration operations can help protect your games and your players, contact us today. You can also get more information on our cybersecurity process, ethics, packages and modules over on our penetration testing page. 
July 13th, 2022

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