MoGi Group Develops ServerBot for Player Support Teams

As part of a multidisciplinary collaboration between our world-class software development and video game player support teams, MoGi Group has developed a new smart bot to drive efficiencies in supporting online gaming communities in the digital space.

In an ongoing effort to revolutionize the way great video game services are shaped and delivered, our teams have earned a reputation for going the extra mile in creating custom services for every project we work on. Recently, we’ve been taking steps to go even further by creating custom tools and software to drive efficiencies and best practices in all corners of our service roster.

Special efforts in innovation from multidisciplinary teams made up of members of our player support and software development teams has led to the release of a new smart bot – simply titled ‘ServerBot’ – designed to complement and automate the work of player support teams working with gaming communities online via the Discord platform. How does it work, what does it do, and how did it come about? We’ll tell you all about it.

Why Bots? Why Discord? Why Now?

It’ll come as no surprise that great games build active communities. These communities, as avid enthusiasts with a personal stake in a game, make a concerted effort to come together to talk about their favourite game, build and create fan art, and very often to also seek out help on some aspect of gameplay that they have been experiencing issues with.

As a platform built almost exclusively for gaming communities, Discord is more often than not the place where players gather to talk games. It’s so prevalent in fact that many games developers and publishers have taken to using Discord as one of their most prominent and active streams for communicating with and supporting their players – including other mainstream social media channels.

With this mass uptake of Discord, it is the duty of a strong and proactive player support program to create new and effective ways to cater to the needs of players both en masse and one-to-one. One of the most effective ways to do this? Bots!

What Does ServerBot Do For Player Support Professionals?

ServerBot is designed to empower support teams to provide better, more efficient, and more timely support to gaming communities. There already exist in the world many amazing bot efforts that excel in a wide range of individual, impactful functions, but none so far that truly pose a unified solution to the scope of what everyday players need on a day-to-day basis. This is the goal of ServerBot – to unite the diverse range of functions required to accommodate gaming communities effectively.

So what can it do? From a support perspective, it efficiently automates many rote or routine tasks that support team members spend much of their daily routine tending to: comment and server moderation, server role assignment, responding to player issues or abuse reports, initiating custom commands, and posting scheduled messages. It allows too for seamless social media integration, editing of server permissions, and user/performance report creation.

Because of its comprehensive integration across a number of vectors, ServerBot also allows for precise mapping and tracking of valuable feedback and information as submitted by the players themselves. One example of how this can be put to stellar use is in the mapping of server member location and peak operation time. This data can help support teams (and therefore games creators and publishers) understand when players are most active, what their most common issues are, and when they’re most likely to gather for group activity. In turn, this can play a huge role in segmenting player support schedules and rotas to align with peak activity periods, or even in developing in-game or in-server activities and events to drive player engagement!

What Does ServerBot Do For Players?

ServerBot holds two standout advantages for gamers and gaming communities. Firstly, it gives them far greater scope to communicate with player support teams. By giving support staff better visibility and categorization capabilities as regards player comments and communications, greater efforts can be made to issue bespoke replies to players in real time, strengthening response rates and issue resolution accuracy rates across the board. By gathering data on the nature of player issues arising most frequently, it also allows teams to better solve long-standing and recurring player issues more effectively and with the benefit of heightened insight.

On the other side of the coin, ServerBot gives players something that research has shown breeds a far greater sense of belonging within a gaming community – autonomy and ownership over the community experience. Volunteer moderators make up of a large part of any gaming community or forum. Community members (whether it be on Discord, Facebook, or within the confines of the countless online gaming forums and boards) who show strong aptitudes for group leadership or administration make themselves known very early on in the formation of any online community to help shepherd the communities growth, stability, and culture. This aspect of community life was a central component of the design and planning phase for ServerBot. Incorporated into the design model of ServerBot is the capability to assign voluntary community moderators and ambassadors. These community members can be assigned roles within the bot to allow access to certain levels of its suite of tools. Access can be toggled and customized fully by internal team members to issue responsibilities based on trust relationships and beneficial activity within a community.

The ultimate goal of this side of ServerBot’s design is to create a true sense of ownership and validation within the gaming community for the players themselves. In effect, the idea is to  break down the often perceived boundaries (the ‘us and them’) between players and support staff and create a mutual feedback loop with each end working towards the same goal – the betterment of the game and gaming experience.


What Does ServerBot Do For Game Developers?

MoGi Group’s new ServerBot gives game developers and publishers a whole new level of insight when it comes to managing and supporting gamers online. From a player-facing standpoint, ServerBot greatly drives efficiencies in compiling feedback and player sentiment surrounding in-game events and potential performance issues as well as general issues important to a game’s community. In addition to this, our teams are actively working with our partners and clients to create custom versions of ServerBot to cater to individual needs on a per-game or per-community basis. This individualistic approach to bot creation will lead to a new wave of reliable, targeted data gathering and management.

From a support-side standpoint, ServerBot also gives game creators greater in-the-moment visibility over the activity of player support teams. This is crucial in ensuring key performance indicators are met and best practices are adhered to. Moderation and support dashboards and data gained through the use of ServerBot too can help drive further innovation in support programmes. In cases where support efforts are outsourced to a third party, ServerBot is also a valuable tool in ensuring full transparency between vendor and client.

Talk to our video games service specialists today to find out if MoGi Group’s new ServerBot could be right for your game’s online community. Our experienced player support and software and tool development teams are ready to help take the stress out of your pre- and post-launch community support and management cycle.

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