MoGi Group Celebrates Forge Of Empires’ Seventh Birthday

Like the miniscule Stone Age hamlets that inaugurate the game, Forge of Empires has grown over its seven-year history from inauspicious beginnings into a chart-smashing global success. Boasting 35+ million downloads all over the world and over €400 million in lifetime revenues, Forge of Empires has evolved to become as much of a success story as the continent-spanning empires that give it its name.

As players build their fledgling Stone Age tribes from tiny villages of mud and bone, expanding through warfare and trade with their neighbors as they invent the wheel, discover bronze, kindle a charge of gunpowder for the first time and, finally, lift off into the stratosphere, they bear witness not just to the simulated sweep of history offered by the game, but to the game’s very real history of growth and evolution as it morphed and reinvented itself into what it is today. Forge of Empires lets the player shepherd a civilization into being, from its earliest days at the dawn of history right through the triumphs and turmoil of civilization. Whether through shrewd diplomacy or unbridled military might, players can expand their territory to collect resources to further fuel the technological and civic growth of their empire. The game charts the point at which Homo Sapiens first erected crude shelters with flint tools to an imagined near-future where we lift off from the world that cradled us to climb to the stars. The game itself has grown and developed over the years since it was first released for browsers in 2012 in a much similar fashion. Through its regular updates, the game has advanced its own timeline into contemporary themed eras, speculative futuristic settings and even aims to slip beyond the confined moorings of Planet Earth.

The game’s German developers, InnoGames, came together over a decade ago in 2007, to manage the development of the company’s first game, Tribal Wars (which its founders had created four years prior). It published Forge of Empires five years later, going on in 2013 to win the German Computer Game Prize for Best Browser Game. InnoGames enjoyed breakneck growth from 2010 onwards, where it signed former EA executive Gerhard Florin as chairman of the company. The company’s co-founder, Hendrik Klindworth, has remained CEO since its inception, guiding InnoGames through its formal move to Hamburg in 2008 and every remarkable landmark milestone since. As well as the plethora of awards the company has racked up since its founding, it has been praised most notably for its holistic approach to community management, offering its games in over 30 languages and building up dedicated and active communities of players around each individual title.

In this endeavor, Forge of Empires in particular has been aided since its inception by MoGi Group, who have handled the lion’s share of the translation into the game’s languages, including  French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Greek, and many more. Since Forge of Empires’ launch, MoGi Group has been responsible for translating over a quarter of a million words for the game. Along with the base game and its gradual expansions through contemporary and speculative settings, MoGi Group has also aided the development and rollout of most of Forge of Empires’ special events, including its pantheon of special missions relating to historical figures like Albert Einstein, Cleopatra, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Empress Sisi of Austria.

Specialist translations, like those based around specific historical contexts, require bouts of intensive research by MoGi Group’s translation and localization experts into a myriad of different topics to ensure the highest fidelity and contextual authority in translation for the game’s historical figures as well as its special seasonal events built around dates like Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and even the Superbowl! With offices and translation specialists based all over the world, MoGi Group continues to work closely with InnoGames on Forge of Empires, as it has done throughout the game’s seven years on the market, to deliver only the most natural and accurate translations no matter where in the world the target audience and to help expand the game’s ever-growing empire.

You can find out more about InnoGames and their smash hit Forge of Empires over on their website! For more information about MoGi Group and its award-winning video game services, be sure to follow all the latest news and updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!
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