MoGi Group Branches Out Into Cybersecurity With New Acquisition

Global Video Games Service Provider MoGi Group Cracks Into The World of Cybersecurity With Acquisition of Belgian Hacking and Security Firm Cyrex._

This week MoGi Group confirmed its next steps in providing the most comprehensive suite of on-demand video games services in the industry. The service provider, already an expert in the fields of localization, player support, community management, localization testing, and voice-over recording services, officially announced its acquisition of Cyrex; a rapidly growing Belgian company specialized in world-class security and penetration testing.

The announcement, so soon after the newly installed European General Data Protection Regulation (a new piece of legislation sure to effect countless video games developers and publishers operating inside Europe and throughout the world) comes into effect, is a clear statement of intent from MoGi Group. That is, regardless of what setbacks or blockers developers and publishers may face, MoGi Group has a service to match every requirement. The acquisition will see MoGi Group providing a range of white, grey, and black box penetration testing services for developers and publishers of gaming applications of any kind, regardless of genre or platform.


Cyrex was founded in 2015 by Belgian cybersecurity specialists Mathieu Huysman and Tim De Wachter. Huysman and De Wachter founded the company while still at university, conducting their studies in computer and cybercrime. With their foundations first and foremost as security specialists, rather than making their way to the industry through the field of development, Huysman and De Wachter were brought together by their deep passion for penetration testing. That passion saw Cyrex begin to take off very quickly, very early on landing well-known gaming industry clients like Gameforge and earning a name for itself by assisting global companies like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google in discovering and resolving key online security issues._

We’re very excited to be bringing our skills and services to the MoGi Group table.” says Huysman, co-founder of Cyrex. “As security guys, we’re all about being as thorough and as comprehensive as possible and making sure every base is covered. With MoGi Group, I feel this is something we have in common our passion for excellence and comprehensiveness in penetration testing, and their passion for excellent, comprehensive service options. Sharing a love of games helps too!

With cybercrime becoming a more frequent occurrence in the gaming industry, and minimum requirements for the protection of user data becoming stricter than ever, ethical hacking and security services have really come to the fore in the gaming industry over the last number of years. Many experts globally have warned about the misguided attitude that games for example mobile games cannot be hacked. Ethical hacking and security services focus on establishing and enforcing security controls within games and applications that protect both the developer/publisher and the gamer. Hacking has proven to be a massive issue for developers and publishers, especially those whose games operate on a system involving memberships or microtransactions which can be particularly sensitive to malicious targeting. Equally for gamers, a strong security system ensures a fairer playing field for all.

We couldn’t be happier to have Tim and Mathieu coming on board with us.” Orad Elkayam, CEO and founder of MoGi Group, said of the recent acquisition. “Anyone who knows MoGi knows we really strive for only the best, and in Cyrex I believe we found that. This venture brings us one step closer to providing our partners and clients what we have always aimed to provide the best and most flexible gaming services out there.

To learn more about just what MoGi Group’s white, grey, and black box penetration services involve and what they can do to keep your games and players secure, or to get a free quote, contact our teams today! Already a partner? Get in touch to talk about upgrading your current service package!
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