MoGi Group Art Team to Attend Trojan Horse was a Unicorn

MoGi Group’s premiere video game art design services experts will join over one thousand other artists and creators at Europe’s largest gathering of its kind, spreading awareness of the sterling work offered by the award-winning video games services company as well as scouring the gathering for prospective talent.

Every year, Trojan Horse was a Unicorn invites some of the world’s leading minds in the creative arts to Valetta (Malta) to come together to help cultivate artistic excellence across a wide range of industries. It is a gathering to celebrate both digital and traditional artforms, as well as a chance for the foremost artistic talent and creators to meet and discuss their creative visions. For 2019’s gathering, running from September 23rd to 28th, MoGi Group proudly announced the attendance of its own creative art design team at the elite event. The team will be taking time out from their hectic schedule working on a host of exciting new gaming projects to exhibit their creative expertise and host one-to-one sessions with games developers and creators from all corners of the globe.

MoGi Group understands that great artwork is what brings players to a game; once there, the gameplay is what keeps them coming back. Good artwork is the lynchpin for any visual medium, especially one with the longevity of video games, where players can often spend longer with a single game than they may do on other forms of digital or print media. Inspired, eye-popping art is the foundation for any video game project, and a highly skilled art team that can deliver art assets on time and to budget while meeting the developer’s highest standards and expectations can mark the difference between a good game and an unforgettable game.

Whether delivering character concepts for blockbuster AAA chart-toppers or entire environment design packages to start-up indie titles, MoGi Group’s stellar art team has helped conjure art assets for games of every possible genre, platform, and scale. At THU, shoulder to shoulder with some of Europe’s – and the world’s – leading artistic talent, MoGi Group artists, creators, and executives will be on hand to answer questions about drawing, modelling, and designing for the video game industry and offer consultations on the sterling art design solutions MoGi Group offers to cover the entire game production life-cycle, from pre-production through to post-launch updates and DLC. It will also be opening its arms to artists and creators from all over the world to demonstrate first-hand what a career in video game art design with MoGi Group has to offer.

THU differentiates itself from other networking and skill share events by emphasising the bonds of community at the heart of its experience. It prides itself on offering no VIP status, instead inviting creatives from all walks of life to approach special guests – known as “Knights” – on an equal footing and learn from them directly in a laid back, communal environment. Over the course of its six-day itinerary, THU will play host to a litany of workshops including masterclasses, inspirational talks, life drawing sessions, educational guidance counselling, and networking opportunities and seminars.

“This is the largest art workshop of its kind in the world,” MoGi Group’s Art Director Miroslav Petrov explained. “It’s Burning Man meets TED in an environment that encourages creativity and experimentation against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.”

“At Trojan Horse we get to step into a world where art and the artist come first, to meet and interact with other artists in their natural habitat, and to use that opportunity to show the world what it is we have to offer.”

When it comes to providing reliable and quality art design services, MoGi Group has pulled out all the stops to ensure that its reputation is second to none. Its involvement with THU comes as it expands its art team on a global scale, deepening its strategically placed art design resources to ensure its teams can meet any project deadline, in any format, and in any house style. As well as an expansion of their global operations, MoGi Group has also been consolidating its art credentials by snapping up some of the video game industry’s leading names, bringing aboard Kim Lyons, former Studio Head of Art at Telltale Games, in an advisory capacity in January of this year.

If you’re attending THU and would like to reach out to MoGi Group’s art department to find out what opportunities may be waiting for you, or to find out what we can do for your title and your project, get in touch with us today. You can also see for yourself the broad range of art design services we offer our partners and clients from every corner of the video games industry!
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