MoGi Group Announces the Launch of New Art Design Services

Award-winning video game service provider MoGi Group confirms third new service in 2018 with the launch of its new art design department.

Global video games service provider MoGi Group announced this week the launch of its new art design department. The addition of the creative design package will see MoGi Group shift towards a holistic, bottom-up approach to video games services designed with industry needs in mind. Developers and publishers of all sizes will be able to avail of MoGi Group’s 2D and 3D art and animation packages designed to cater to all concept design, graphic, animation, and promotional material needs for projects and games of any style, genre, or demographic.

The exciting expansion into the field of art design is driven by MoGi Group’s dual passion for and dedication to the video games industry and its hunger to help bring amazing games into the world. To see the new departure brought to fruition, MoGi Group has sought out the skills of some of the best up-and-coming artists and designers in the industry and plan to provide outstanding art and creative packages for every step in the games development process. MoGi Group’s new art design teams have a wealth of gaming industry experience in a myriad of design categories including concept design, character design, 3D modelling and animation, storyboarding shading and texturing, UI design, sketching, environment and background design, and motion graphics. This comes as welcome news for established and indie games creators alike who are looking to take some of the pressure and growing cost out of the development and marketing and promotional asset creation process, leaving them free to concentrate on what they do best – making great games!

For over a decade MoGi Group has been establishing its reputation as one of the top video games service providers in the industry, offering scalable bespoke service packages that help games reach new markets worldwide and encourage players to increase spend and play time through engagement and interaction. Art design will be the latest in a rapidly growing number of services provided by MoGi Group including localization, player support, community management, localization testing, penetration testing, tool development, and voice-over recording for all genres. To date, MoGi Group has worked with over 600 well-known clients across the world, amongst them are such household names as Epic Games, Fatshark, NCSoft, TellTale Games, Webzen, and many, many more.

This is a really fresh and exciting new path for MoGi Group,” says MoGi Group CEO and founder Orad Elkayam. “Our mission has always been to make as big an impact as possible on the world of video games services. Adding art design to the already large list of what we can offer developers and publishers feels like a massive step in a promising new direction. We’ve got some really exciting things ahead of us and I am very excited to see it all take shape.

The announcement of the new art department comes only a short number of weeks after MoGi Group broke the news about a number of other new specialized packages. The new art design service is to be the third new service to be offered by the company in 2018 alone, joining MoGi Group’s new penetration testing and custom tool development services.

Want to find out more about how MoGi Group’s new art design services can help take the pressure out of the design, storyboarding, or content creation process of your next big game? Contact MoGi Group’s art department today for your free one-to-one consultation. Already a partner? Talk to your MoGi project manager about upgrading your current service package! More information is also available on MoGi Group’s entire suite of services throughout its website or from
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