MoGi Group Announces New Custom Tool Development Service

Expert global gaming service provider MoGi Group announces new custom admin and development tool service for games developers and publishers.

A detailed announcement was made this week by MoGi Group about the latest addition to the global service provider’s constantly expanding roster of bespoke services. The new service, focused on the creation of custom admin and development tools, is aimed towards providing games developers and publishers proactive and flexible solutions in streamlining and removing repetitive or unnecessary steps from their already arduous processes. This new tool development service is only the latest in a series of exciting new steps made by the worldwide service expert in its quest in providing the best, most diverse range of gaming services in the industry.

The new service, officially launched in June 2018, will see MoGi Group venture into yet another new direction in the gaming services industry, creating tailor-made tools to be integrated into every part of the games development process, from coding to post-release market research and support. MoGi Group’s development teams, native coders and developers as well as passionate gamers, understand not only the fundamentals of gaming application architecture and integration, they also understand how these can often be completely unique from game to game. As a result of this, they aim to work hand-in-hand with games creators, getting to know their unique needs and requirements, so they can offer not only custom-made tools and applications, but an incisive consultation on what other areas a developer or publisher’s process might be optimized by additional tools and automation.

Because of their made-to-fit nature, the new tools and applications offered by MoGi Group can have any number of real-world, situation-based uses. This can include anything from performing in-game actions (issuing bans or muting players, coordinating events, or monitoring in-game cheating or toxicity, etc.) to enhancing a game’s security infrastructure, automating repetitive coding or response processes, or remotely managing player base and support systems with a view to boosting the player experience. In addition, as the tools can be so closely related to a game’s internal workings, they can also be used to compile valuable data in order to provide development teams with clear information on how players interact most with their games, or to visualize analytics dashboards for presentations or managerial decision-making. This facet of the service makes it an extremely powerful companion to other services currently offered by MoGi Group (for example  player support or community management).

I’m extremely proud of what we’ve achieved so far with our new tool development services,” says MoGi Group CEO and founder, Orad Elkayam. “Our goal at MoGi Group is to be more than a stationary service provider to the developers and publishers that we work with – we always endeavor to form partnerships. This service is a perfect example of how dynamic a partnership can be, getting to know our partners’ games and processes intimately and offering creative and technical answers to questions they might not even have thought of yet. There is no limit to how far this new step can take us.

MoGi Groups new tool development service will join its long list of flexible gaming services including: localization, player support, community management, ethical hacking and penetration testing, localization testing, and voice-over recording. As with each of these other services, this new venture will not only seek to enhance productivity in the games development and post-release support and maintenance process, it will also allow publishers and developers to save time, revenue, and manpower which can be reinvested into the development process for their next big game!

Contact MoGi Group’s development teams today for a free consultation or to learn more about how its custom tool development services can help streamline your development, support, or creative process and potentially save you time and money! Already a partner? Talk to your MoGi project manager about upgrading your current service package!
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