MoGi Group Announces Eric Schittulli as New Head of Player Support

MoGi Group is happy to announce the acquisition of Eric Schittulli as the new Head of Player Support at the award-winning gaming services company.

Formerly Head of Customer Support at Aeria Games, Mr Schittulli will take over a department that has grown exponentially in the last 12 months, taking on a number of major projects and contracts.

“We are delighted to have an established figure like Eric joining our team,’ says Orad Elkayam, CEO of MoGi Group. ‘Our player support services have really taken off in the last year or so and this appointment will help continue that rise. Our ambition is always to be the best player support provider our clients have ever had, and Eric’s arrival enables us to continue to make those ambitions a reality.”

Having previously gained experience as a Customer Support Agent with Blizzard, Mr Schittulli joined Aeria Games in 2010, overseeing vast growth in the customer service department.

“I am very excited to be joining such an innovative and forward-thinking company and I am excited about where we can take MoGi’s player support services next,” he said.

“As an industry, customer support is virtually unrecognizable from 10 years ago, and player support for gaming is no different. Everything – official channels, social media, community forums, article comments – falls under the player support umbrella. Our job is to go to where the players are, engage with them, demonstrate that we listen to them and foster the strong community spirits unique to the gaming industry. We all – developers, players, agents – have the same passion for games and share the same common goal – happy gamers!”

MoGi Group works with the likes of Epic Games, NCSoft and Daum Games, with native speakers providing tailor-made solutions across a wide range of languages.

“Eric’s arrival confirms our status as one of the leading player support providers in the gaming industry,” said Mr Elkayam. “The talent in our player support department enables us to grow and take on new projects whilst maintaining the high standards our clients, their players, and we as a company, expect.”

For more information about player support and other gaming services provided by MoGi Group, visit our website today!
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