MoGi Group Announces David Moreno As New Sales Executive

MoGi Group announced this week its recruitment of David Moreno as its newest Sales Executive in its ongoing global expansion.

Global video games service provider MoGi Group announced recently the newest addition to its global sales team, former Senior Business Development Manager at Andovar, David Moreno. Beginning his journey with MoGi Group in mid-June, David is poised to play a key role in MoGi Group’s growing global expansion efforts as one of the industry’s leading multilingual service providers.

No stranger to the video games industry, having previously gained valuable experience as a translation and localization consultant (specializing in online and social gaming and mobile applications), David will be a vital component in assuring MoGi Group’s name stays on the tip of the gaming industry’s tongue in both North and South America. In his career so far, David has earned a name for himself by having not only a keen understanding of localization on a global scale but by being able to recognize clearly the goals and objectives held by developers and publishers and offer clear-cut, simple, and effective service solutions catered to their individual needs. It is his eye for detail and development, and his talents in understanding localization and other key gaming services on an intimate level, that caught the attentions of MoGi Group – facets that make him a perfect fit for MoGi Group’s creative team.

We live in an era where there are no barriers anymore, where gamers spend most of their time playing on consoles, tablets, PCs, and mobile devices,” says David. “As a passionate gamer and Spanish native speaker, I know the importance of having a game localized into multiple languages. MoGi group has really become a key player in that sector of the industry over the last number of years – not just in localization but across a vast range of services – so I’m very excited to be part of this and to jump head first into this new adventure!

We’re all very excited to see David come on board with MoGi Group, myself especially,” said Orad Elkayam, CEO and founder of MoGi Group. “I’ve got no doubt that with his experience and creative approach, we’re going to see some great things in the future. For MoGi Group, a huge part of our mission is to help bring great games and great developers to new markets and new audiences; with the help of David’s clear vision, I firmly believe that he’s going to do the exact same thing for MoGi Group’s reach globally.

Contact our sales team today for more information on how our full service suite can help take the stress out of your game development process. Our diverse service list includes: localization, player support, community management, localization testing, penetration testing, tool development, and voice-over recording. Already a partner? Talk to your sales representative or project manager at MoGi Group to discuss upgrading your current service package!
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