MoGi Group acquires German game art service provider Game Art Brain

Award-winning global video game service provider MoGi Group announces the acquisition of Berlin-based game art and design company Game Art Brain.


The announcement was made today about global video game service provider MoGi Group’s acquisition of German game art and design studio Game Art Brain. The acquisition is the latest in a string of big announcements in 2018 from the service provider including the opening of multiple new international offices, acquisitions, and the launch of a number of new gaming services. This latest venture will see MoGi Group add game art design to the extensive list of flexible gaming services it has to offer its over 600 gaming industry partners.


The new acquisition is the result of MoGi Group’s ongoing mission to offer not only the best but the most comprehensive gaming services in the industry with packages to cater for the full spectrum of the games creation, development, and post-release process. With Game Art Brain, MoGi Group will now offer creative art design services for every stage of games creation, from early storyboard art and character design to UI design throughout development and even promotional, marketing, or app store imagery for the release and post-release phases. The creative team will also be on hand to provide art consultation and direction services, performing detailed reviews of art assets for guidance and constructive feedback loops for developer’s current in-house or outsourced art design teams.

Game Art Brain was founded in early 2017 by Christian Retzlaff. Christian gained experience as the head of the Mobile Art department at Aeria Games as well as acting as art director for various mobile games for renowned developers like Smilegate Europe. He has also worked on a number of international films including The Illusionist and The Congress. Game Art Brain is a uniquely game-focused creative art and design studio based in Berlin. To date, their teams of world-class artists and designers have excelled in their field due not only to their clear expertise but their passion for and dedication to all things gaming. As industry veterans, their in-depth knowledge of games and how they work gives them a valuable insight into how in-game and accompanying art should look and feel to really heighten the player or audience’s experience. As bespoke creators, they also work very closely with developers and publishers to get to know the world of their games intimately, allowing them to dive right into the world of each gaming project they work on.

“This is another huge step forward for MoGi Group in what’s already been an incredibly active and exciting year of expansion and growth for us. I’m very happy to welcome Christian and his Game Art Brain team to MoGi Group, and to be able to inform all our partners of some really amazing things to come!” said Orad Elkayam, MoGi Group CEO and founder. “We’re very much united with our new teams on our dedication to outstanding gaming services and helping realize the creative vision of each and every developer and publisher we work with. Our mission has always been to offer the most extensive services in the industry at the highest quality imaginable, and with this new venture, we are well on our way!”

The acquisition will set MoGi Group’s new art design services amongst an already formidable service suite including localization, player support, community management, localization testing, penetration testing, voice-over recording, and custom tool development. As part of this art design service, publishers and developers will be able to avail of a long list of design products including concept design, background and environment design, character design, weapon and items design, world and map design, user interface design, and much, much more!

To learn more about what MoGi Group’s amazing new art design service can do for your games, contact our art design teams today for a free quote! Already a partner? Get in touch to talk about upgrading your current service package!
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