Mathieu Huysman Joins MoGi Group As Head of Business Operations

Cyrex Security co-founder Mathieu Huysman joins MoGi Group as Head of Business Operations in ongoing global games services expansion.

The announcement came this week from outstanding video games service provider MoGi Group that co-founder of Belgian cybersecurity firm Cyrex Mathieu Huysman has been appointed Head of Business Operations with a view to overseeing the company’s latest efforts in penetration testing and ethical hacking and tool development. It is the intention that Mathieu, an expert in white hat/ethical hacking and penetration testing, will help usher MoGi Group into a new era of expanded service solutions geared towards ensuring greater levels of online security for players and game developers and publishers alike across all gaming and application platforms.

A clear cybersecurity native, Mathieu started his career in ethical hacking while at university studying computer and cybercrime – during which period he founded Cyrex with Tim De Wachter (Head of Technical Operations at MoGi Group), a cybersecurity firm based in Belgium. Over this period, Mathieu also established himself as a formidable ethical hacker, having worked on bug bounty hunting projects with the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn, and found himself being inducted into Google’s Hall of Fame. He has outlined his vision for MoGi Group’s new security services as one that will help protect players from malicious attacks and cheating, while also safeguarding developers and publishers from player data leaks and other reputation or revenue damaging attempts (for example microtransaction fraud) by third parties.

I’m very excited about this partnership. My expectations are sky high,” says Mathieu on his new role at MoGi Group. “Cybersecurity has always been a huge passion for me – for us, hacking and securing gaming applications all day long is really living the dream. To me, this is more than business, it’s life and I’m thrilled to be sharing this adventure with MoGi Group.

Mathieu’s coming on board is a sure sign of great things to come for MoGi Group,” says Orad Elkayam, CEO and founder of MoGi Group. “We strive to only ever offer the best to our clients and partners, which means that when it comes to recruiting, we only look for the best too. With Mathieu at the helm of our ethical hacking and penetration testing operations, I’m very confident they’re all in safe hands.

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