Introducing Revolutionary Audio Dubbing and Home Recording Tool Studio.NEXT

MoGi Group (TransPerfect Gaming Division) this week announced the release of ground-breaking new voice-over recording and dubbing tool Studio.NEXT. The revolutionary new platform is set to rewrite the rules for how and where studio-quality voice-over work can be performed.

Always with one eye on innovating and disrupting outdated and cumbersome technical norms, MoGi Group (TransPerfect Gaming Division) have launched a world-first platform that will change the face of voice-over recording practices both inside and outside of the gaming industry.

Studio.NEXT is the world’s first fully integrated home recording tool developed with voice artists in mind. Using state-of-the-art cloud recording technology, Studio.NEXT empowers voice-over artists by allowing them to attend recording sessions and work in professional, studio-grade quality from home while recording directly into the cloud without the need for expensive studio equipment. The new platform is part of the company’s larger Media.NEXT initiative, a suite of tools and services designed to streamline production processes and techniques for global media and entertainment industries.

A Game Changer for the Industry

Studio.NEXT is set to break down countless barriers to entry for voice-over recording in the gaming industry (and beyond). From a development perspective, the platform cuts down hugely on overhead elements like studio rental and audio engineering costs. A significant barrier for many indie and SME games creators. The largest direct benefit, however, lies in how Studio.NEXT shatters literal borders by opening up a worldwide network of native-speaking voice-over artists at a time when the call is greater than ever for enhanced diversity and representation in the games industry.

From the artist’s perspective, long-standing barriers like geography, scheduling, or access to a studio environment are removed completely. Even access-point issues surrounding equipment are eliminated as Studio.NEXT’s cloud recording and mastering software is compatible with most entry level and mid-range microphones.

A Vision for Studio.NEXT

The central thesis behind the revolutionary new platform is the complete optimisation of economies of scale within voice-over recording and dubbing. Working in the cloud not only allows all stakeholders to take part in recording sessions (developers, producers, artists), it creates a secure hosting environment for intellectual property. The browser-based software, while allowing artists to record from anywhere in the world, also negates entirely the need for distribution of materials which, in rare but damaging cases, can lead to the pirating of valuable assets.

Studio.NEXT’s smart productivity system is completely integrated into the company’s network of 44 owned and operated studios for seamless global connectivity and facilitates the collection of data on several project elements (translators, directors, actors, environment, performance, etc.) for evaluating ongoing project activity and maintaining a top-class talent pool.

How Studio.NEXT Works

Studio.NEXT is completely cloud based. It unites artist, producer, and developer in one simple-to-use online platform in which all can collaborate freely. As well as storing all recorded materials in a live, online environment, the platform also has a built-in interface for displaying all relevant recording information on one screen. Because of the collaborative nature of Studio.NEXT, developers can sit in on recording sessions live from anywhere in the world and provide to-the-second feedback on line reads and how their content is performed, leaving post-recording fixes and re-recording sessions redundant.

The browser-based software makes use of the rythmo band system, a dubbing technique that originated in France in the late 1920s. The technique involves a fit-to-screen script scrolling interface that allows actors to read dialogue in time with the footage onscreen. This method is known to reduce recording time by up to 30% and allow far more accurate lip synchronisation by driving actors to focus on the performance and not the technical minutiae of the recording process. It is also proven to improve overall sound quality in recordings as actors aren’t required to constantly look from page to screen, effectively keeping a more balanced audio flow for better level and vocal quality.

True Disruptive Technology

“It’s rare in this industry to see something so fully define what we have come to know as true disruptive technology,” said MoGi Group founder and President of TransPerfect Gaming Division Orad Elkayam. “Our mission is always to build something that makes our partners’ lives easier. With the demand for high quality dubbing and voice-over services growing every year, we always have to ask ourselves what we can do to answer that call. Studio.NEXT does that and more.”

Media.NEXT Dubbing Academy

In a further effort help foster and shape the future of voice-recording and dubbing, MoGi Group (TransPerfect Gaming Division) have also launched the Media.NEXT Dubbing Academy. The academy is an online program designed to teach newcomers and those interested in learning the craft of voice-over artistry how to perform and operate in the professional environment. For those already working in the voice acting world, the program can help them hone their skills to work more efficiently in their own time and on their own terms. Set across a three-to-five month curriculum, budding voice actors can learn skills in performance and home recording techniques. In an industry with so many active and engaged participants, the hope for the academy is to bring gamers one step further into the games they play by placing them directly in them.

Would you like to know more about how our new Studio.NEXT platform can revolutionise your next gaming project? Are you a gamer who has always wanted to ­be a character in your favourite gaming franchise? Contact us today to find out how we can make that possible.
You can also read more about what MoGi Group founder Orad Elkayam has to say about this new initiative over on LinkedIn.
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