Indie Initiative: Sometimes You, Always a Hit

Every now and then we come across an indie developer that we just can’t keep quiet about. Our Indie Initiative has us constantly on the lookout for the best up-and-coming gaming giants of tomorrow and, fortunately, it has given us a great eye for talent. An eye that has led us to the always amazing, Sometimes You.

Sometimes You are very much the indie developer’s indie developer, designing and creating passion projects from fun, fast-paced puzzle and platform games to atmospheric, high-concept indie art masterpieces. Games like Make It Indie serve as a calling card for their brooding aesthetics, and boundary-pushing design and plotting techniques. The avant-garde, role-playing game sees players take up the mantel of an indie game developer plagued by surreal, nightmarish dreams about the deadlines surrounding his game’s release. For those prone to procrastination, it’s both immediately relatable and touching at the same time.

Even Sometimes You’s traditional, instantly recognisable platform and puzzle games (like 2016’s Energy Cycle) are steeped in that same, distinctive combination of brooding aesthetic and existential plotline. Their 2015 puzzler, Energy Balance, is a rare treat for gamers who love their retro games with a tapestry of rich, deep colours, surreal animations, and dark twists. The game brings a fresh twist to math puzzle IPs with an eerie and tense storyline about a ship stranded in the depths of space that keeps the player hooked right until the end. It’s clear that each step of the development process is handled meticulously at Sometimes You HQ, resulting in a style that is unmistakably their own.

Sometimes you are also avid patrons and supporters of the indie games development community in a larger sense, diversifying themselves also into the role of publisher. As well as producing their own unique and recognisable games, they also provide top-class product strategy development, quality assurance, marketing and advertising content development, Steamworks integration, and extended distribution services for developers whose ethos they feel is in keeping with their own. Popular titles published by Sometimes You include Dear Red, NORTH, Sweatshop, Gone in November, and Save the Ninja Clan to name only a few.

One of our favourite things about working in this industry is that we get to work with interesting, stimulating developers on great games. With Sometimes You, we were lucky enough to do just that. We put our localization skills to use on some of their most popular titles and releases like It’s Spring Again, Energy Balance, Save the Ninja Clan, and Energy Cycle. We’re proud, to say the least, that our work on some of some of these games (into languages like French, German, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese) helped bring this deserving developer to newer and bigger audiences and consoles all over the world.

Sometimes You develop and release games for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One. You can find out more about Sometimes You on their website, YouTube channel, or via the Steam store, where you can download their entire suite of IPs and releases. For more on MoGi’s localization and community management services and how we can help your game reach larger and more diverse audiences, contact us today.
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