Indie Initiative: Building the Localization of Designer City

As you may have read, here at MoGi we have launched a new initiative to spread awesome new indie games far and wide. It’s a project we are extremely proud of and the results so far are further cause for celebration. It’s a real thrill to see innovative games on multi-national markets and know we played a role in getting them there.

One such game is the awesome, free tycoon simulation for mobiles and tablets – Designer City from Sphere Games Studios (get Designer City on Android and iOS now). Imagine Rollercoaster Tycoon, but expand it to a whole city. Build places for people to live, create jobs for them and manage the transport and other services networks as you grow your city from humble beginnings to a sprawling metropolis. The city is your oyster.

From the store reviews, it’s clear to see people love playing Designer City, which is great, because we loved working on it. Over to some of our awesome game localization teams for more information:

“Tycoon games are great. They are a staple of the gaming industry so it’s awesome to see new ones coming to the market,” says one of our German translators, who worked on the game. “As this game is for smartphones, it threw up a few challenges us Germans are all-too-familiar with. Namely, character limitations. As our colleagues are so fond of reminding us, Germans love nothing more than using 100 characters when 10 will do. This can make it difficult to find a suitable German term that isn’t 10x too long. This was a particular challenge for Designer City as it has very specific types of buildings that don’t have many, if any, synonyms.”

However, we don’t work in game translation for an easy life! Linguistic challenges are the lifeblood of localization and nothing brings more satisfaction than finding the perfect solution.

“Thanks to our experience of this issue, we are able to suggest abbreviations and compromises that harmonize the intended meaning with the available space. There are other typical mobile game challenges like button prompts, which can be difficult to translate without context. Fortunately for us, the Designer City guys were great at responding to our queries and explaining where the commands appeared, which goes a long way to making the localization process run smoothly.”

The latest version of Designer City hit mobile game stores on the 27th of October, we’ve been tycooning hard ever since! Explore our website for more information on our games localization services.
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