How Can Community Management Help My Game?

Nowadays in the gaming world, the need for a sense of belonging and place within the world of a game cannot be ignored.

With the drive towards massively multiplayer online gaming, the entire gaming experience is becoming more and more social. Communities develop around games, players gather and talk and discuss ideas – with or without the involvement of the developer. Audiences turn into communities very quickly, and the right kind of community management effort can really take the experience of a game to the next level.

Good community management – our expert CM teams tell us – is all about closing the gap between player and developer. In essence, it creates a digital (sometimes physical) space for both parties to interact and come together over a common interest – your game! Very often, a developer’s community can make or break their reputation. Having a dedicated team on hand to not only engage with a community but contribute to it and encourage it to flourish can have untold benefits to any kind of game, regardless of platform or genre. It’s no big secret that players form connections and communities because they are interested in the world and the culture of the game. Good community management engages that positive sentiment and provides players with the tools to help build and develop that culture under your careful guidance, eventually leading to a self-sustaining community working together to contribute to the culture of the game. For developers, it is a key component in building positive sentiment online and staying on top.

One of the biggest advantages community management practices can have for a game is that they bring the world of the game into the real world of the players. That is, it keeps them thinking about and engaging with the game even when they aren’t playing it! At MoGi, our experience is that our teams drive players towards increased out-game interactions and engagement which in turn creates greater positive sentiment and word-of-mouth spread for a game. Through campaigns and events (both online and off) designed to reflect the aesthetic and mission of your game, community management builds a platform for your players to integrate your game more into their own lives and social interactions. For your international players, multilingual community management can also help enhance the feeling of being appreciated or supported individually and create a more personal, relatable experience. Regularly updated content catered to your audience, as researched by an expert team, can mean that players will always have something to grab onto!

Here’s the best part: Correctly implemented community management increases player/brand loyalty and lengthens play-time across the board! A strong team engaging with your audience and keeping them informed about updates, events, or in-game news is proven to keep players coming back for more time and time again. Increased retention rates and player loyalty can also lead to players becoming ambassadors for your game, with the ‘top’ players sometimes even becoming online influencers. For the times when players may be unhappy, empathetic community management can also help alleviate players’ frustrations; ensuring the community is equipped with the right information when they need it most, and that players have to tools to share important information amongst themselves, can make the world of difference to a group’s reaction to an unideal situation. In many cases, heightened player loyalty, as well as a sense of personal involvement and awareness, can lead to increased spend on a game (e.g. in-app purchases, skins, items, etc.) – a factor many mobile and online gaming developers are paying close attention to.

Careful interaction and monitoring of community sentiment, of the kind conducted by CM teams, also comes with the added bonus of a regular, (largely) constructive, and valuable stream of up-to-date player feedback on the current state of a game. By processing tickets, keeping track of forums, and evaluating the feelings of a game’s core audience, a team can provide developers a focused report on the strongest positive and negative points on the players’ minds at any given moment. This kind of process can alleviate many of the stresses put on developers and allow them the room they need to breathe in order to keep producing quality games.

To learn more about community management, or to find out how our expert CM teams can help bring your games to the next level, contact us today!
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