High Praise for MoGi Group from Frequent Collaborator & AAA Games Developer

It is a point of pride for us at MoGi Group to always be at the forefront in everything we do. Quality is important to us. In innovation, in client satisfaction, and in doing our part to make great games happen, everything starts and ends with a mission for only the highest quality. That’s why when we receive feedback from our partners, we take it to heart.

Be it positive or negative, feedback is the most important proponent in growing and evolving. In our every interaction with each of our 700+ gaming industry partners, we build our entire project structure around two-way feedback. Our partners trust us to provide them with the knowledge and insight to help shape their processes for the better and we trust in our partners to tell us exactly how to make their lives easier. When we receive a negative comment, we do everything within our power to adapt and grow. Naturally. And when we receive praise, we like to take a moment to celebrate and highlight the work done by our outstanding teams.

Recently, we received one such example from a AAA partner at the top of their game – Barunson E&A, developers of popular MMORPG title Astellia. Here’s what the company’s CEO, Wes Conner, had to say of his long-time MoGi Group collaboration so far:

“I believe my experience with MoGi is unique and has afforded me full-scope perspective of their organization. 

“My first engagement with MoGi was as a community manager supporting a high-traffic MMORPG. We worked together to handle a community that exploded in growth after launch to almost 10 million players. Without their rapid growth and response times, our launch would have been an undisputed nightmare. Later, as a project manager, my path crossed with the MoGi team once again. From my previous experience with them, MoGi was able to connect me directly with previous team members I had worked with to promote a smooth spin-up and kick-off to my project.

“Most recently, I have had the pleasure to hire MoGi myself as the CEO of BE&A as we brought our second AAA game to market – again with their support.  I have had the opportunity to engage with MoGi from the lowest to highest tiers, their work ethic and methodology is unparalleled.

“Whether you are a seasoned AAA studio or an indie team with a dream, MoGi will work for you and provide decades of experience to your project at a cost that is more than reasonable.  I adamantly recommend MoGi Group to anyone looking for quality professional support within the gaming industry.”

It goes without saying that we are thrilled to receive such strong feedback from a partner we have had such a long and successful history with. Loyalty and long-term collaboration are everything to us and to see the same names and faces appear time and time again will always be a pleasure. We are proud of everything we’ve accomplished in partnership with Barunson E&A so far and grateful to have had the chance to work with this fantastic game’s loyal fanbase. It’s been a real journey watching this game carve out its well-deserved niche in the gaming community so far and we’re looking forward to continuing that journey with Wes and his team for a long time to come.

If you’d like to find out more about how MoGi Group’s global player and community support teams can extend your game’s lifecycle by keeping your players coming back time and time again, contact your MoGi Group representative today or request your free quote online. Our solutions are designed to be 100% flexible and can be scaled up or down to fit your game’s growth at a moment’s notice.
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