Game Art Veteran Kim Lyons Joins MoGi Group Advisory Board

MoGi Group continues the rapid expansion of its art department with its latest high-profile recruitment, video game industry stalwart Kim Lyons.

Outstanding video games services provider MoGi Group continues to develop the impressive roster of talent within its art department with the signing of Kim Lyons, a veteran in the world of video game art design, to serve on the MoGi Group advisory board. Bringing over two decades of first-hand experience at the helm of award-winning video game art departments, Kim looks set to cement MoGi Group as a premier name in the field of game art conceptualization and design.

The appointment of Kim Lyons to the advisory board comes amid an assemblage of recent hires as MoGi Group aggressively expands a cohort of newly rolled-out services including localization quality assurance testing, GDPR consultancy, tool development, and 2D and 3D art and design. Its ever-growing creative services division brings MoGi Group’s passion-driven approach to providing services specifically moulded around the unique needs of its partners to art direction. It caters to a holistic range of design areas including character creation, weapon and item creation, map rendering, vehicle and environment concepts, and much more for use in and out of games from the early stages of game development through to post-release promotional materials. Already boasting over a decade of video game service excellence, MoGi Group’s recent spate of investments in expert talent and top-of-the-line new facilities and technologies aims to marshal its wealth of experience into defining the video game services industry for years to come.

Kim started out her career at LucasArts Entertainment in the mid-90s where she took up the role of art leader on well-known titles like Full Throttle, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, the Monkey Island series, and the unreleased Sam & Max Hit the Road, along with several other top-rated releases. In 2012, she made the move to Telltale Games, where her talents shone through as lead environment artist on the developer’s first true title, Bone. From 2015 through to the studio’s closure in October of 2018, Kim managed the studio’s diverse art team, guiding them creatively through some of the studio’s biggest hits including The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, and her return to the Sam & Max series.

Having Kim on hand in an advisory capacity changes the entire landscape of how we operate in the arena of art and design,” said Orad Elkayam, MoGi Group’s founder and CEO. “Her more than 20 years of insight into how studios manage their own art teams and overcome problems gives MoGi Group the cutting edge in tailoring our design services to meet the very particular needs of our partners all over the world, no matter how big or small. Kim’s peerless portfolio affords our art and design department a truly invaluable level of knowledge that can be applied to every partner and every project we take on.

Kim Lyons’ onboarding at such a critical time for the award-winning video game service provider highlights the tremendous energy with which MoGi Group is pursuing the rolling out of its creative services division. A creative talent as naturally gifted and honed by such a treasure trove of real-world experience as Kim is sure to elevate MoGi Group’s foray into game art design to a new and exciting league.

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