5 Reasons to Outsource Your Player Support

The gaming industry is constantly evolving. More gamers than ever before are given the choice of playing a wider range of games than ever before. With so much selection out there, it’s no longer just about who makes the best game, it’s about who provides the best gaming experience.

With so much competition out there, and the players’ spoiled for choice, you’ve got to do whatever you can to maximise brand loyalty and keep your audience feeling excited and engaged enough to come back to your game time and time again.

In so many cases, it can be the little things that let developers down in terms of gameplay experience, causing players to be driven away in frustration – or even worse, disinterest! Poor quality player support, or even no player support at all, can be absolutely devastating to a game’s lifespan. If a player feels a game isn’t up to scratch, or that one annoying bug that’s due to be fixed in the next patch keeps blocking their progress, often they just move onto the next game. That’s why comprehensive, attentive, and active video game player support is paramount in every part of the industry, from world-beating MOBAs to up-and-coming indie masterpieces.

With that in mind, we put together our top 5 reasons to outsource player support for your next game. Let’s take a look…

1. You benefit from the experience of a team of industry experts

Outsourcing your player support always means complete access to teams of qualified and specialized individuals who have proven experience in engaging your audience and understanding their needs, providing full, detailed reports on player sentiment and common issues, ensuring you always have a finger on the pulse of the issues most important to your players. From disgruntled players to unexpected server and volume issues, a competent player support team will know just how to engage your audience and provide them with the information or solution they need in a friendly and timely manner. It also helps if the teams are as passionate about gaming and learning about your games as ours are!

2. Multilingual support across multiple time zones

The gaming industry is global, your player support suite needs to be too! Working with a third-party player support provider ensures an even playing field for all your loyal players with no time, geographical, or language barriers whatsoever. Need round-the-clock support for your RPG across multiple continents? No problem! Just about to break into the French gaming market and need a little help? Pas de souci! Has your South American audience been growing lately? De nada! Having a background in translation and video games localization can be very useful also.

3. A scalable service adaptable to your needs

There are two major ways in which outsourced player support can save you money. The first is scalability. Good quality player support is all about helping your players when they need it most and solving their problems in the moment. But sometimes they don’t need help! Experienced player support providers have the capacity to know when to scale down teams and efforts in low-volume times, making valuable savings for developers in the long run. Equally, the best providers will also be able to expand teams to absorb those high impact times (patch updates, game launches, server issues, etc.), cutting down response times and leading to players feeling more valued in the long run.

4. No recruitment and training costs or other overheads

The second major capital saving factor is resource based. Setting up an internal player support system can be an overwhelming experience. And when it comes to ongoing recruitment, training, and upskilling efforts, it can often be a fiscally punishing experience too. And then you’ve got to find a place for your support team to work? Help! Creating a partnership with a trusted third party can not only alleviate a huge part of this fiscal burden it also saves a lot of time and effort  long term by employing only fully trained, competent player support professionals. Which leads us to our final point…

5. The freedom to expand your business

In such a competitive industry, having a little extra room to breathe and be creative can make all the difference. Outsourcing to an experienced player support provider can remove a lot of the stresses and strains from a developer and allow them to focus their energies on what they do best – making great games. Knowing your players best interests are in safe hands also leaves a lot of room for planning for the future, comfortable in the knowledge that a loyal and engaged network of players will always be in place.

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